The media is buzzing with references to the PBS documentary airing tonight on the subject of the wide-spread problem of human trafficking, prostitution and generalized  oppression of females called Half the Sky.  We find it particularly interesting because of our interest in educating children and women in Liberia.  President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, spoke at a conference Sunday adding her support to the continuing efforts of humanitarian organizations that have sought to help her country’s citizens.  

PBS’s documentary, Half the Sky highlights a Liberian woman by the name of Kabeh Sumo who, with one gallon of palm oil, was able to grow an export business to employ others and generate thousands of dollars.  In President Sirleaf’s address, she commended Sumo and welcomed her to open 100 acres of land she had set aside for Sumo’s business.  President Sirleaf went on to add that Sumo has shown she has been “a good entrepreneur”, and now will be able to learn to be “a good farmer.”

These trends in humanitarian outreach are so encouraging, yet there remains many more individuals who need our help.  Please join us in sharing this and our cause! Join Sahbu’s movement, help us reach our goal of enrolling 1,000 children by January 2013! Search, enroll and share