A powerful, highly accurate portrayal of the complete chaos that is life in Liberia. By taking you inside the action, this clip is not for the faint of heart, but will change your attitude and maybe your life!

War and cultural violence for 14 years.
Random machine gun fire, human sacrifice, and drugs were the norm for more than 14 years in Liberia. Multiple Warlords recruited innocent children to fight each other for power and territory. Hundreds of thousands of Liberians were killed. Cultural belief is that when you ate and drank the vitals of the one you killed, you received their power.
Atrocities and Survivors of war leave a scar.
Warlords initiated their young subjects by sacrificing an infant. Drinking the blood and eating the organs of an innocent child was to give them ultimate strength. Young boys were given automatic guns to use for the purpose of terrorizing whomever they chose. Drugs were introduced to dull their senses to the brutality they were encouraged to inflict. Young girls and women were barbarically violated in front of their parents and/or husbands, some of them got pregnant. Now those children that survived are orphaned, addicted to drugs, and left to rot on the streets.
Future is bleak for the majority of the population.
Where is Liberia now? The Warlords finally signed the Peace Treaties at the Peace Conference, but while doing so, they negotiated and were granted governmental positions and power. The Liberian civil war may have come to an end, but now the streets are riddled with thousands of homeless and orphaned children. Most of these children are addicted to drugs, pregnant or caring for children of their own, and many are led into a life of crime to take care of themselves and their families. These children have no resources, very few choices, and little to no hope for the opportunity of a better future.
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