James: The city is an amazing place. I feel like these photos don’t really do it justice. The smells and sounds add so much more than a photo can do.

After lunch we visited two girls, Zoe and Baby, in the slums of Monrovia. These two girls, at the age of 5 and 6, go out every day to sell food on the streets. They sell to make money for their family. My son Jack is that same age, and I can’t imagine him working to help support my family. These are the living conditions they live in.

Their parents live in the interior of Liberia and sent them to Monrovia because there are more opportunities. They wanted their girls to go to school. The woman that brought them into Monrovia told them that she didn’t have any school opportunities for the girls, but the parents insisted. Now, the children are working to earn the food they eat every day. 5 and 6 years old! Are you kidding me?! They were just two of the dozens of children we met today that were either sent or kidnapped to Monrovia to work.

Mitch: I witnessed something amazing today though, Karen Mathot showed her true colors by buying all of the cookies Zoe had to sell today. She did it the moment Zoe showed us her inventory. That’s how truly amazing she is and how genuine her work is with Lifting Liberia.

Mitch: It is crazy out here and I’m so emotionally drained from, well, everything, that I can barely keep my eyes open. I have a film crew with me and we have tons of footage, but there’s no bandwidth out here so nearly all of it will have to wait to be published until we get back to the States. I have a couple of contacts here that are hooking us up with all of these great meetings (for example, Karen Mathot from Lifting Liberia hooked me up today with the Governor of New Kru Town where Poo Poo Beach is and many, many more people). Anyway, I feel like my head is going to explode…I’m truly overwhelmed with what I’ve seen and heard so far this week.