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Painting a Picture: Child Soldiers

No Smoking, No Stealing, and No Fighting are rules for the men in the J.A.V. (Journey Against Violence) program. Their Former General, Joshua Milton Blahyi started the program for the men who fought for him as his warriors as young boys. J.A.V. is designed to give these men skills, structure, and purpose so that they can become contributing members of a new nonviolent society. Educational programs such as J.A.V. are essential to help transform the West African people and prepare them to create a better lifestyle. When Mitch and the Sahbu team visited the program, they were impressed by its impact! Watch as Mitch explains how he became compelled to support their cause.

The Closest Functioning School is a Three Hour Walk…One Way

What is to become of hundreds of young students in Zuah Town, West Liberia, where the primary school made of mud and palm thatch, already looking abandoned, is on the verge of total collapse? Where are these young students to go and change their meek futures by getting an education? Even the school’s remnants like blackboards, desks and chairs have been damaged beyond repair from lack of care. This feeble and dysfunctional school is the only government run facility in Zuah town. Yet, it sits there in its dilapidated state with no signs of government intervention. The closest functioning school, a three hour walk in one direction, is not even a viable option for any child. NECUS M. ANDREWS, 1 SEPTEMBER 2012 – source