Sahbu Student Success Story #4 – Excellent

Unable to care for her young child and not knowing what to do, a young mother abandoned him in the streets of Liberia where he didn’t stand a chance against the life of crime, drugs, and violence. This is Excellent’s story: A woman at the market noticed the young boy alone and after much searching realized he had been abandoned.  Without any other options available, she could not just leave him there, so she took him home to her community. There he roamed amongst the various shanties, sometimes naked. He was often found sleeping outside and food was provided by random, sympathetic neighbors. One woman in the community, Velma, took pity on the small child and took him in to live with her. Although she had no money, she could not bare to see the boy suffer. It was Velma who gave him his name, Excellent.

$2,000 Turns into $5,000…16 Children Saved Turns into 42

For three and a half years, colleges and universities have paid my company to help recruit students. Over that period of time my team has become very good at what we do. And while our work has been completely worthwhile, it pales in comparison to the vision we have now. Six Months Ago… When I returned home from Liberia the idea of restructuring and launching Sahbu (i.e., giving a child in Liberia an education for each student enrolled through us here in the US) started to flow, but there were so many questions and I was so entrenched in the way I had been doing business, that I had a hard time working out all the details. I pitched the concept to Jodie Blake, my company’s Marketing Associate

Sahbu Student Success Story #3 – Surprise

Meet Surprise. This sincere little six year old and her brother have just had their futures change. Her story was one of loss and suffering, but now it’s filled with hope. Surprise is one of six children. Her father died in 2008 from injuries suffered during the war. Her mother, Maybell, does her best to provide for them, but because she only has a fourth grade education, life is difficult. Maybell finds work by doing others’ wash and tending their children. Because of her efforts, she manages to provide a little food for her children at the end of each day.