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Sahbu Accomplishes Goals in Liberia, West Africa

Sahbu founder, Mitch Weight, reflects on his experience at the conclusion of his last trip to Liberia. He talks about how big of a role education plays in the development of the culture. He discusses why Sahbu helps the people become educated and how that empowers them to change their own lives. It takes such little money to make huge progress. It is important to use the money to create opportunities and a future for the Liberian people.

Survival in the Liberian Jungle – Fatu’s Story

Fatu Miller is living her dream – attending the tenth grade at Bong Mines High School. Just a few months ago, her life consisted of burning coal, a tedious, difficult task. She, along with her brothers, would go into the bush and cut down a tree. Then, they would chop it up, wrap it in grass and leaves, and then drop the pieces into a freshly-dug hole. Next, they would start a fire and guard the hole for almost a week, night and day. Fatu and her brothers would take turns sleeping so their labors were not stolen. After almost a week of burning, the tree parts turned into coal, which they would sell for a very small amount of money. Fatu saved all the money she earned, in hopes of going back to school. Fatu joins Roselane in piloting Lifting Liberia’s Girls’ Enrichment Program in Bong County. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for girls in the outlying villages to receive an education. Like Roselane, Fatu is determined. She hopes to become an accountant one day. Her favorite subject is math.