The Closest Functioning School is a Three Hour Walk…One Way

What is to become of hundreds of young students in Zuah Town, West Liberia, where the primary school made of mud and palm thatch, already looking abandoned, is on the verge of total collapse? Where are these young students to go and change their meek futures by getting an education? Even the school’s remnants like blackboards, desks and chairs have been damaged beyond repair from lack of care. This feeble and dysfunctional school is the only government run facility in Zuah town. Yet, it sits there in its dilapidated state with no signs of government intervention. The closest functioning school, a three hour walk in one direction, is not even a viable option for any child. NECUS M. ANDREWS, 1 SEPTEMBER 2012 – source

Education…What’s the Point?

At the end of an exhausting day, Karen Mathot sat down at her computer in her rented room nestled in the slums of Monrovia, and typed out the following list. Her frustration nearly overpowered her after spending all day struggling to keep teachers engaged and the lights on in her school. This little list of the top challenges for Liberian education is what keeps her awake at night and gets her out of bed and off to work each morning before the West African sun rises.

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