Unable to care for her young child and not knowing what to do, a young mother abandoned him in the streets of Liberia where he didn’t stand a chance against the life of crime, drugs, and violence.

This is Excellent’s story:

Excellent with his Adoptive Mother

A woman at the market noticed the young boy alone and after much searching realized he had been abandoned.  Without any other options available, she could not just leave him there, so she took him home to her community. There he roamed amongst the various shanties, sometimes naked. He was often found sleeping outside and food was provided by random, sympathetic neighbors. One woman in the community, Velma, took pity on the small child and took him in to live with her. Although she had no money, she could not bare to see the boy suffer.

It was Velma who gave him his name, Excellent.

Excellent at school with his Mother and Teacher

When I met Velma she begged me to take the boy and give him a better life. I told her that wasn’t possible, but let’s talk about how maybe Lifting Liberia could help. Excellent was about four years old when I first met him last year in 2011. Velma was concerned because she did not have funds to educate him and being a teacher herself, she recognized the importance of education. Her salary as a teacher is about $80 a month. Lifting Liberia has made a commitment to Excellent and Velma to educate him. He is currently attending Acacia Academy. He completed his first year successfully and will start K-1 this month.

There are many more children just like Excellent who deserve the right to be educated.

It’s up to you to spread the word so we can reach our goal of providing scholarships to 1,000 children like Excellent before the end of 2012. Please share Excellent’s story on your social networks today and be part of this growing cause!

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