Meet Surprise. This sincere little six year old and her brother have just had their futures change. Her story was one of loss and suffering, but now it’s filled with hope.

Surprise is one of six children. Her father died in 2008 from injuries suffered during the war. Her mother, Maybell, does her best to provide for them, but because she only has a fourth grade education, life is difficult. Maybell finds work by doing others’ wash and tending their children. Because of her efforts, she manages to provide a little food for her children at the end of each day.

Lofty, Maybell’s oldest child is 18 and already has a baby of her own. Moulton is 13 and currently in the 5th grade, while Zoquie at 12 has just finished the 6th grade. However, she had to drop out because the junior high was just too far away and there was no money for school fees. Maybell was unable to care for her 2-year-old baby, Daniel, so she had to send him to live with one of her aunts.

Recently, a fire destroyed what little they had and the rainy season has begun with waters creeping close to their dwelling. They have no mosquito nets and the standing water brings concerns of malaria.

Her father, her brother, her home are all gone, but with the help of Sahbu, Lifting Liberia has built and provides support to a school near Surprise’s home. And now Surprise and her 8-year-old brother, John, attend this school.

Karen Mathot describes her parting conversation with Maybell as follows:

As I was saying my goodbyes, Maybell thanked me and said God Bless you. Her words stopped me cold. I looked at this woman, still young, and could only think of her courage and strength. I thought how she rises each day knowing it will be the same as yesterday, no different than tomorrow. There may be no dreams, only hope of survival and I said, “No Maybell, God Bless You!”

Although the buzz about Sahbu’s cause is spreading, word has to spread faster if we’re going to reach our goal of providing scholarships to 1,000 children like Surprise before the end of 2012. Please share Surprise’s story on your social networks today and be part of this growing cause!

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