Pleasant Grove, UT, Feb 1, 2013 – A mission to rescue two girls from captivity-forced labor in Monrovia, Liberia has been successful.  The two young girls, Zoe and Baby, were located, rescued, and returned to their father earlier today.  Sahbu’s Mitch Weight sent a text message to Sahbu headquarters this morning saying, “We rescued Baby and Zoe! It was great! They are thrilled. Their Dad bawled like a baby.”

Mr. Weight and his colleagues arrived in Liberia on Thursday afternoon and made it through immigration at 2:07 PM Eastern Time. Weight sent the following text: “We arrived and we are all set for the rescue mission tomorrow!”  Plans for the rescue had been set; pursuit and action followed.  Details of the mission are still being received, but the two young girls are finally safe at home with their family.

Slavery is highly illegal in Liberia and its neighboring countries.  Although the Liberian government prosecutes perpetrators of slavery, this heinous crime still occurs.  Forced labor, like the slavery Baby and Zoe were exposed to, is a common and unfortunate crime in Liberia.

Sahbu is committed to rescuing, educating and providing relief for Liberian children in need.  The nonprofit offers help to these children through funds and materials received via donation. Recently Sahbu held online auctions selling donations from eyelashes sets, Adobe software, and headbands to raise the money needed for this rescue.  A number of generous donors contacted Sahbu directly and provided funds specifically for this rescue mission.

Today’s successful rescue mission is only one of many to come in the future for Sahbu.