An Education with No Strings Attached

Roselane Kollie is 19 years old and has sacrificed nearly everything just to get to a 9th grade education. Her mother is dead, her father is not in her life and she lives with her sister. For Roselane, getting an education was important, but it didn’t come easily. Like many young women, to maintain her basic needs, Roselane had to resort to prostitution at the age of 15. She is now raising two small children, ages 3 and 1, from different fathers. To get to the nearest junior high she walked two hours to a river, crossed it in a makeshift canoe, then traveled another hour by foot. Unfortunately, her story is the same as thousands of other young women throughout Liberia. Roselane had to quit school after junior high because the high school was just too far away and she did not have the means to pay her school fees.

But now, all of that has changed. With the help of Sahbu, Lifting Liberia has enrolled Roselane in its Girls’ Enrichment Program in Bong County! 

Roselane is bright and received very high marks on her West African Exams. Her favorite subject is biology and she dreams of becoming a doctor. Roselane will be the first young woman in Bong County to attend high school through Lifting Liberia’s Girls’ Enrichment Program. Her sister has agreed to care for her children so she can attend high school.

There are no words to describe the look on Roselane’s face when she learned she was chosen to pilot this program.

Over time, Sahbu plans to help Lifting Liberia change the faces of all the villages in Bong County by helping more and more young women continue with their education and stop the cycle of prostitution, teen pregnancies, poverty and abuse.