We are excited to post lots of pictures and stories from the recent trip to Liberia. Three of the guys are back home, but Mitch is still in Africa. We are so glad that he extended his trip, because he has been able to help even more children.

This week, he went to donate clothing and supplies to the Deseret Orphanage in Borto. He found the children starving. In fact, they hadn’t eaten in two days. The orphanage workers were preparing to strike, and hand over the kids to the government to be doled out to wherever.

Because of the donations we have received, Mitch was able to give $300 to the orphanage. They went to the market together and used the money to buy all the food they would need to feed the children for an entire month.

These children suffer daily from starvation. They simply do not have enough food to go around. This is Jacob. His belly is starting to protrude from malnutrition. It will take six months of good nutrition for the distending to go down.

There are 40 children at this orphanage. Kids just like Lucy, who’s face lit up when she saw herself on the camera! She was engaging and fun to talk with, and excited about Mitch coming to visit.

Below is a picture of Smoma. Most of the kids were pretty happy considering they hadn’t eaten for two days. But Smoma was shy, and wanted to hide from the camera. Isn’t she beautiful?

We would love to continue helping these children. If you would like to personally sponsor a child for $10/month, please let us know, by emailing Lori Gilson at lori@sahbu.org.