More pictures to come, this is just a small fraction of what was donated.

Last Thursday evening, as we finished the workday, more and more people kept driving up to the Sahbu office and the Weight home to drop off bags of school supplies, toys, clothing and blankets.  A little over a week ago founder and president of Sahbu, Mitch Weight, sent out a request for school supply donations on his personal Facebook.  The result of his request – a continuous flow of supplies and an ultimate showing of extreme generosity.  We’ve been told over and over again how the store shelves were cleared to provide Mitch with enough supplies for the many schools he will be visiting next week in Liberia.

We are excited that Sahbu officials have made it to Liberia safely with the generously-donated supplies for the schools they will be visiting. Mitch and the Sahbu crew were off to a great start Friday. When they arrived and checked in at the airport, they were greeted with Miracle #1: two extra 70 lb bags full of more school supplies were admitted without additional fees! Kudos Delta Airlines! The men touched down in Liberia late afternoon (our time) on Saturday, October 13.  Their itinerary is full as they plan to meet with all the children, their teachers and parents, while handing out the much-needed supplies.  They also plan on meeting with local Liberian officials and will be taking video footage as well as personal interviews to share with us upon their return.

We want to express our profound appreciation for all who donated to help these children.  Your generosity has touched us deeply.  We know it will bring hope and a brighter future to those children who receive your donations.