The past two nights, PBS has featured an extraordinary documentary showcasing ten different countries around the world revealing a life we’d all like to think doesn’t exist.  Two ambitious journalists engaged six actresses to travel with them. One by one, each sent to a different country to visit the unbelievable life of poverty, human trafficking, and crime.  What they showed was the beautiful faces of women and children who have been denied basic human rights because of their perceived weakness and lack of education.

It was awe-inspiring to see individuals who had been abducted into such a lifestyle, now free and anxiously engaged in freeing others; providing hope, love and healing.  A transformation from darkness into light shown through their message as they shared with us the intimate details of their life, and now their life’s mission.  One cannot possibly comprehend what it could be like to be one of those victims, yet their astounding achievements since breaking free are inspiring enough make one want to shout from the rooftops of their greatness!

We, at Sahbu, commend these journalists for uncovering these stories and for their dedication to spreading awareness of their stories globally. We especially are grateful to those remarkable and courageous youth and women whom have pulled themselves out of the darkness to share their lives with us.  We hope you will be inspired and realize that everyone can do something, no matter how small, to reduce the suffering and enable hope. Search, enroll and share these messages of hope.  Visit Sahbu to learn more about our movement.