We want to see Liberia change. We want to see the country develop in a positive, peaceful way. The best way to accomplish this goal is by educating the children.

Our team recently met with schools in Liberia and learned of the many challenges the children face as they seek an education. The great thing is, now that we understand the challenges, we are able to help. Below is our to-do list, to ensure children are able to receive the education they need.

1. Transportation. Children lose out on education, because they have no means of getting to school. The cost of gas, the undeveloped roads, and the lack of public services like school buses, are on our agenda. Most Liberian children have no concept of a school bus. They have never even seen or heard of one. We want to change this.

2. Clothing. Children do not have the clothing needed to attend school. Many schools require uniforms, and this cost is too expensive for the families.

3. Food. Once the children are in school, what do they eat? Kids that are fortunate enough to attend school, usually show up without breakfast or lunch. Or, if they are lucky, they might have a juice box, and this will serve as their breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner.

4. Proper Lighting, Water, and Air Conditioning. Can you imagine our children attending school in extremely hot weather, without air conditioning, lighting, or even water? If a storm hits a city in America, and the schools are without these basic needs, school is canceled. Our schools are quiet, well lit, with libraries, a cafeteria, and caring, well-paid teachers. We feel Liberian children deserve the same. They need an environment that is comfortable and conducive for learning.

5. Family Support. Many parents don’t want their children in school. The families are so poor, the parents would prefer their children stay home and work. It is common to see children selling little bags of water, eggs, cold cereal, or rice, to help provide for the family. We need to teach the parents that life would be so much better with education.

The great thing is, many kids understand the value of an education. They know it is the difference between extreme poverty, and a comfortable, safe life.

You may remember our story about Nathan, the young boy who was selling dog meat, in Bong County. Nathan spent over 12 hours a day, selling anything he could, to save for school. If he worked all day, and was lucky, he might make between $1.00-3.00 US. Each day, he would give most of the money to his family, and then deposit the rest in a piggy bank.

What was he saving for?


Nathan wants to attend school, more than anything. Together, we can make this happen. Join us, to help Nathan, and other children like him.