On the last day of our trip in Liberia, we had a couple of hours before we needed to head to the airport. We arrived at our last planned appointment about an hour early and we decided to walk around the neighborhood for the remaining time. It had been raining all morning and it was hot and muggy. Although it was miserable hiking in such humidity, it was  an awesome experience meeting some of the children. This is Blessing. She is seven years-old; we met her while we were hiking.

Our hour was almost over and we were dripping with sweat, so we started back towards our appointment. We were almost back when we were stopped by some singing coming from a little shack on the other side of a stream.

This small shack was a humble church. We met the Pastor and he told us a little about the church. During the week, the church is used as a school. The Pastor actually sponsors some of the children to go to school, and not only does he sponsor them, but he is also the principal and one of the teachers.

Unfortunately our encounter with the Pastor was brief, and we had to get back to our other appointment. However, the experience taught me that one man can really make a difference. The Pastor is doing what he can, so the children of Liberia can get an education. This man doesn’t have much; I mean, take a look at the state of his church. But he is doing whatever he can to help. It has really inspired me to try and do the same.