Prince, found abandoned in a dumpster

If you’ve been following our cause, you are aware of the dire situation Liberian children face, as the country recovers from a 14-year civil war. The war destroyed literally everything, and orphaned hundreds of thousands of children. One of those children was recently rescued from the streets by Karen Mathot, of Lifting Liberia.

Yesterday, she shared with us the heartbreaking story of a boy who is five years old, abandoned, hungry, unclothed and unloved. A community member, who said the boy has been wandering the streets for three years, brought him to the school. Reports told that he was dropped in a dumpster at two years old because his parents were unable to provide for him. Karen took the boy home with her to bathe, clothe, and “just love him.” Karen said this is not uncommon. To us, this is unfathomable and heartbreaking.
We learned just the other day that this little boy has received a name: Prince. There is some question as to Prince’s mental state. One person has said he might be functioning as autistic. Since meeting Prince, Mitch has thought he may have “Mowgli Syndrome”.  Either way, Prince is now in the care of loving individuals who intend to do their best to help him succeed in finding a loving home and a good education.

People continually bring sick, hungry and needy children to Karen and beg her to help them. Karen would like to help all of them, but she is just one person.

Karen shared another story of a girl who came to school crying the other day. She had a fever and sores all over her body. Karen carried the girl home to find out what was going on. The young girl’s mother had sent her to school because she did not know what to do with her. She was told the family had no money to take her to a doctor. Karen without a second thought, took the child to the hospital to receive immediate care.

These are just a few stories among many that occur. It just explains how money goes fast and there is not enough time in the day to help all who are seeking help.

Many people have already asked us how they can donate. For the time being, all monetary donations toward our efforts in West Africa are being processed by Please visit and process your donation by locating the donation window on the right side of the home page and entering your donation via paypal, debit, credit or atm information. You also can sponsor a child by clicking the following link

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