Young boy in war torn Monrovia, Liberia.

Over the past 3 decades, religious and political differences have divided what otherwise would have been a well developing and flourishing country. Although a relatively young country, declaring its independence in 1847, Liberia has had an uproarious history. Liberia was suppose to be “a little America,” and a “utopia for abolitionists.” In an area estimated to be the size of Tennessee, the country of Liberia lost one third of its population to neighboring countries beginning in 1989, when the civil war broke out; and over a period of 14 years, the warring factions managed to take approximately 250,000 Liberian lives – that’s equivalent to one out of of 17 people.

Now that those ill-intentioned leaders have been removed, and the country has lost decades of progress, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is working on putting the right plans in place to ensure a brighter future for Liberia. An important part of this plan is eliminating the social divide created by the religious and political differences. Two of the organizations President Sirleaf is working with on this project is ONE Liberia and One Moore Book.  They have put together a workbook: The Love of Liberia: Empowerment through Unification to be issued to all students throughout Liberia in an effort to promote ethnic unification.

ONE Liberia and One Moore Book have also raised money with the goal of providing programs that encourage unity, youth empowerment and social awareness. “Children deserve an education that imparts knowledge, skills, and an understanding of how to promote peace and be a global citizen,” said President Sirleaf.

Now is the time to help this predominantly young population of Liberians do something great.  Sahbu is involved in this effort by making education available to as many children as possible. Together, we can help shape their future to be bright and full of hope. Please help us reach our goal to enroll 1,000 children, who are now on the streets, in school by January 2013. Search, Enroll and Share