Look what we found in a Liberian gravel pit! Pictured are three boys whose families live and work in the rock crushing industry. Gravel is a big industry in every nation. A large percentage of any road, bridge, or building is gravel. It is used to create a stable bed for roads and foundations to be built upon and is also the main ingredient of concrete, asphalt, and many masonry products. 

In the U.S. there are large crushing machines that are fed rock from front end loaders or dump trucks that can produce 300 tons of gravel per hour. In Liberia, large rocks are dug up by hand, heated using hot coals, and then smashed into gravel by hand.

We gained a great respect for the people while in Liberia considering how they can take just about anything and turn it into a useful process or product. Just look at those massive piles of hand crushed gravel!