Just last week we received some very bad news from Borto Orphanage, one of the orphanages we support in Harrisburg, Liberia. They informed us that they were out of money. They pled with us and we called upon you, our faithful followers who have come out of the woodworks to help us multiple times.

We asked you to help us raise $500 by the end of the week last Friday and we met that goal within the first four hours. The total that came in from that push was over $1,000 and we’re still getting donations that trickle in from that post. Now the orphans at Borto will have food to eat for the next couple of months. We couldn’t be more happy for your response.

We would love to get Borto to a point where they’re self-sustaining and we’re asking you for your input. If you have any ideas on how Borto could become self-sustaining, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share this blog post with your friends and family so we might get others involved.