On the Saturday before Christmas, we were able to raise enough money to send 12 African kids to school for a year including food and shelter. This has made a huge difference in the lives of these 12 children. As we know, children in Africa who are able to consistently stay in school tend to be safer, healthier, and have a chance at making a living later in life. They also make sure their kids have the same things. So even though 12 lives were greatly impacted, the impact of others through the generations is much greater.

The fundraising project was done outside of the Saratoga Springs Wal Mart in only six or seven hours, but there were many people who worked for days leading up to the event. A lot of time and materials were donated so we would have signs and stickers, but also food items, children’s books, tee shirts etc., to sell and raise money.

We are so appreciative of the support everyone has given to this cause, including the people who worked on this project, as well as the generous people who were passing by and stopped to support this great cause.