Samson┬ácame from the streets of Liberia. At the age of three he lost his parents to the war and he became crippled when he was five. He stopped going to school in the third grade, got in with the wrong crowd and began doing drugs. His addiction to drugs ruined his life and he couldn’t function in society. He was forced to live on the streets and commit various crimes to feed his unhealthy habit.

Joshua Blahyi (aka General Butt Naked) found him and saved him from the streets and Samson has been clean from drugs for six months now because of the JAV (Journey Against Violence) program. He’s attending driving school at the JAV because he wants to become a taxi-driver. He understands and feels that Joshua not only rescued his life but saved his life as well.

Samson recently became sick, with a very bad cough, and was submitted to the hospital where he received some care.

Please help him and so many others like him. We need your support to help save these former child soldiers. Visit to learn more about how you can help today.