Big news! We are launching a project to help former child soldiers in Liberia. Kickstarter campaigns allow people to donate towards a project and receive some pretty amazing rewards for their contribution.

We want to sell watercolor paintings created by former child soldiers. Painting brings peace and hope to former child soldiers. and the money raised will allow more boys into the program, which rescues child soldiers from the dangerous streets of Liberia.

These kids were taught that someday their paintings would be worth money.  You can make this dream come true for them, and help rescue more former child soldiers.

We need your help to be successful. How can you help?

  • Click on the share buttons on this page. Tell your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends about what we are doing.
  • Donate to our Kickstarter. Pledges begin at $5. People that back our project will receive rewards like: hand-carved tribal masks, original paintings, and their name on a commemorative monument on the school.

The boys are painting every day, in hopes to sell all hundreds of watercolor paintings. Visit our Kickstarter page to see a few examples of paintings they have completed.