Thomas and Surprise are much like their American-born peers, they love playing video games. Super Mario Brothers is among their favorites and one they can play with their little brother Doug, who is 3 years old. As most young and inexperienced players, Doug cannot seem to keep up with his older brothers since they’ve learned to advance in the game so quickly. Thankfully, Super Mario Brothers provides a trick that keeps “the less experienced players” in the game.  So, when Doug is falling behind in the game, you’ll often hear the older kids, specifically Surprise and Thomas, yell, “Doug, press A, press A!” By pressing A, Doug’s game character is safely placed in a bubble that bumps him along on the same screen as the faster players move ahead. It’s a win-win situation for all who play! One Sunday evening after spending time at their grandparents, the kids headed home on their chosen modes of transportation. Annie, who is 13, jumped on a foot-powered scooter, while the other four children rode ahead of Annie on their bikes. Thomas, known to come up with his own terms for things (or being the family comedian he has become), yelled back at the lagging Annie, “Annie, press A, press A, Annie!”