At the end of an exhausting day, Karen Mathot sat down at her computer in her rented room nestled in the slums of Monrovia, and typed out the following list. Her frustration nearly overpowered her after spending all day struggling to keep teachers engaged and the lights on in her school. This little list of the top challenges for Liberian education is what keeps her awake at night and gets her out of bed and off to work each morning before the West African sun rises.

  1. No Access to Schools: Many students don’t even have a school nearby. Children often walk for miles for an education, and many give up because of it.
  2. No Training: Teachers have little to no training. Most only have their own childhood education to refer to when trying to teach others.
  3. No Work Ethic: Teachers often have poor work ethic. Culturally, many are taught to work as little as possible. Teachers collect their meager paychecks, but fail to show up to work, and it’s the children who suffer.
  4. No Funding: Teachers are sometimes unpaid volunteers and even chalk to write on blackboards is hard to come by…school supplies are unheard of.
  5. No Money for Tuition: Families can’t afford to feed their children, let alone pay their tuition. Most families rely on the children to work and contribute to their livelihood.
  6. No Understanding of the Power of Education: Very few can fathom what schooling will do for their future because they’re so busy living hand-to-mouth. Entire families work, and because parents rely on their children’s income, they’ll never know how education can break the cycle.

Help Sahbu, Lifting Liberia, and Karen resolve these issues. Share this with your friends and join the movement. Let’s bring hope to those who have none!