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    Sahbu Interviews | Mass Grave Site, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Liberia Sahbu Interviews | Mass Grave Site, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Liberia

    Sahbu Interviews | Mass Grave Site, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Liberia

Sahbu Interviews | Mass Grave Site, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Liberia

“people were not expecting for that to happen in a church compound” We conducted these interviews last October at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, the site of a massacre in Liberia in 1990. Patrick Baysah and Matthew Goma shared their accounts of that fateful day. Near the end of this clip, Matthew tells the of story of his brother, who was killed during the massacre at the church. Hit play to learn more about one of the bloodiest chapters in Liberian history from two West Africans who know. Patrick on life: “Sometimes it is terrible. Sometimes it is fine.”

Sahbu Receives Cover Story on ABC 4 News Channel

Pleasant Grove charity SAHBU rescues and educates African children PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The work of brave and generous people from Pleasant Grove is the reason two girls from Liberia are reunited with their father. Zoe and Baby are Liberian girls who were given up by their father in hopes of a better life. Instead the sisters were forced into child labor, selling goods on the streets for money. Mitch Weight and his wife Bethany live in Pleasant Grove. The couple saw the poverty in Africa when they adopted two boys there last year. Mitch quickly founded SAHBU, a non-profit organization that helps rescue children from the streets and provides them with food, clothing and education. “SAHBU stands for bald man and my husband Mitch is tall and very bald,” Bethany said. The name stuck, but now holds a different meaning for the organization. Mitch, his brother Jay, and other friends worked with a Liberian locals and a social worker named Lala. Lala showed the men a list of children who have been forced to work the streets. 

Sahbu | Who We Are

Today we felt it necessary to bring you this video as per the request of many of our followers so you may see how we are helping those in need in Liberia, West Africa. Please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this short video and then take time to share our movement with your family and friends. Thank you!

Painting a Picture: Child Soldiers

No Smoking, No Stealing, and No Fighting are rules for the men in the J.A.V. (Journey Against Violence) program. Their Former General, Joshua Milton Blahyi started the program for the men who fought for him as his warriors as young boys. J.A.V. is designed to give these men skills, structure, and purpose so that they can become contributing members of a new nonviolent society. Educational programs such as J.A.V. are essential to help transform the West African people and prepare them to create a better lifestyle. When Mitch and the Sahbu team visited the program, they were impressed by its impact! Watch as Mitch explains how he became compelled to support their cause.

Sahbu in the News!

We have announced it here, we’ve announced it on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can see it on KSL News!  Mitch Weight, Sahbu Int’l Founder and President, was interviewed yesterday for their 10pm news spotlight broadcast later that night.  Jed Boal spent over an hour yesterday getting footage and interviewing Mitch and his family about his upcoming trip, now just one day away! Check it out here: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=22508196&nid=148&title=utahn-working-to-improve-lives-in-liberia-1-scholarship-at-a-time&s_cid=featured-4 Mitch and the Sahbu team will be providing us with daily updates while they travel next week meeting with the children and parents to whom they are providing scholarships; and local officials.  Don’t forget to check in and see what’s happening next week on our blog!

Out of the Darkness…Into the Light

The past two nights, PBS has featured an extraordinary documentary showcasing ten different countries around the world revealing a life we’d all like to think doesn’t exist.  Two ambitious journalists engaged six actresses to travel with them. One by one, each sent to a different country to visit the unbelievable life of poverty, human trafficking, and crime.  What they showed was the beautiful faces of women and children who have been denied basic human rights because of their perceived weakness and lack of education.

Wide-spread Problem of Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Generalized Oppression of Females

The media is buzzing with references to the PBS documentary airing tonight on the subject of the wide-spread problem of human trafficking, prostitution and generalized  oppression of females called Half the Sky.  We find it particularly interesting because of our interest in educating children and women in Liberia.  President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, spoke at a conference Sunday adding her support to the continuing efforts of humanitarian organizations that have sought to help her country’s citizens.  

“Liberia: No place has ever thrown me so completely – confused me, intimidated me, depressed me, and inspired me.”

The show has shuffled Tony across the world exploring different cultures and their traditional cuisines. Some of his travels have taken him to off the grid locations like Liberia where Bourdain has been personally challenged to a whole new understanding of human existence.These are powerful words coming from world-renowned writer, traveler and food critique, also known for his crass and gritty style. Even Anthony Bourdain couldn’t hold back his feelings during a visit to Liberia in the Travel Channel’s 9th season of the popular show No Reservations.

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Vice Guide to Liberia: “Cannibalism, Chaos, Killing, Rape, Everything!”

A powerful, highly accurate portrayal of the complete chaos that is life in Liberia. By taking you inside the action, this clip is not for the faint of heart, but will change your attitude and maybe your life!

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“We are H-A-P-P-Y, Happy!”

These smiles and singing voices show the hope that education brings to children in Liberia! This video, taken by Karen Mathot in Liberia just yesterday, shows how happy children can be when there’s a safe place to learn, away from child prostitution, violence and hunger. Each one of these children now has the opportunity to break the poverty cycle and begin a life of prosperity. How great is that?! Don’t you love what is happening with the Sahbu movement? Show your support by “liking” our facebook page at www.facebook.com/sahbusearch.

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