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    Admission Standards Toughened at University of Liberia Admission Standards Toughened at University of Liberia

    Admission Standards Toughened at University of Liberia

Admission Standards Toughened at University of Liberia

A private consultant said the days are over when students were admitted into the University of Liberia through bribery or based on how many important people they known. James Dorbor Jallah was hired by the university to manage and administer this year’s entrance examination. Nearly 25,000 high school graduates who took the exam failed. Minister of Education Etmonia David-Tarpeh reportedly said she would discuss the issue with university officials. However, she expressed doubt that all 25,000 students failed the admission exam. Dorbor-Jallah said students seeking admission into the university would study harder if they are made to understand that admission is based on personal ability and not through bribery. He said he was hired because the university has had problems in the past about the credibility and integrity of its admission exam. “There is a perception in our society largely that once you take the University of Liberia admission exam, if you do not pay money to someone, or if you do not have appropriate connections, you would not be placed on the results list. So, the University has been grappling with how they could manage the process whereby people’s abilities would be truly measured on the basis of their performance on the examination,” he said. Dorbor-Jallah made it clear he was not speaking as spokesman of the University of Liberia but rather as a private citizen who was contacted by university president, Dr. Emmet Dennis to help restore public confidence in the university’s admission process. He said the 2013 admission exam was no different from previous exams that had been administered by the university in terms of subject matter content. Dorbor-Jallah said the exam tested high school graduates based on the curriculum of the […]

Liberia: Massive Failure in UL Entrance

The administration of the University of Liberia has disclosed that no student passed in the entrance and placement examinations. Recently, the University of Liberia administered entrance exams to more than 24,000 students. At a press conference Wednesday, the head of UL Relations Dr. S. Momolu Getaweh said no student earned the scores of 50 percent in Math and 70 percent in English as previously set by the university as passing scores for the undergraduate examinations. Similarly, the administration of the University of Liberia also said no candidate who sat for the graduate programs for the Law School and School of Pharmacy exams scored 70 percent. The UL administration said holding these results constant, no candidate would have otherwise been admitted to the university for academic 2013/14 in the above programs. However, the UL said in the case of the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine where the score of 70 percent is required as passing grade, 47 candidates made 70 percent and above. Considering the massive failures, the UL administration said two separate meetings were held to find a way out. Dr. Getaweh said as a result of the meetings, the UL Senate reviewed several other scenarios below the benchmarks and recommended for the admission of 1,626 candidates who scored either at least 40 percent in Math and 50 percent in English in the undergraduate program. He disclosed that 25 candidates for the College of General Studies (Continuing Education), 93 candidates in the six graduate programs, 37 for the Law School and 24 for the School of Pharmacy were recommended for admission which has been endorsed by the Faculty Senate. However, the UL administration said candidates in the undergraduate division would be required to take two […]