• JAV Outing on the Beach in Monrovia, Liberia
    A New Addition to the Sahbu Store A New Addition to the Sahbu Store

    A New Addition to the Sahbu Store

A New Addition to the Sahbu Store

During our last trip to Liberia in February this year we were able to revisit the boys in the Journey Against Violence program founded by Joshua Milton Blahyi, AKA General Butt Naked. When we arrived at our meeting place on the beach they greeted us with open arms and many smiles. We brought with us the funds we had raised via our Indiegogo campaign for his program- which reforms former child soldiers and others who were living on the streets as a result of the perilous times during the war. The campaign raised over $2,600! Joshua smiled and was very pleased about that. Joshua was expecting us and knew we had some money for him so he had the boys paint the pictures while we went out on our backpacking trip which lasted three days in the jungle. When we returned, we met up once again with Joshua’s boys and did some last minute interviews. They gave us sixteen beautiful hand-painted watercolor paintings as well as some hand-painted cards. What a beautiful experience to meet these boys once again. There, Mitch gave the rest of the money to Ernest, Joshua’s brother, and executive assistant in the JAV Program (Joshua couldn’t meet us there that time) and promised the money would get to Joshua. To help fund the JAV program we have some of their original paintings as well as canvas prints available for sale. To purchase these beautiful works of art done by former child soldiers and to help give them a better chance at life, visit the store on our site here. You may also purchase the paintings from our Facebook store here. Thanks for all your support!

Painting Peace Indiegogo Campaign

We are excited about the great start we have to our Painting Peace campaign! Because of our momentum, we are currently being featured on page 1 out of 93 pages of art projects on Indiegogo. If you haven’t seen the 2 minute clip we made (starring our own Mitch Weight), this is a must! http://igg.me/p/286445 After you click the link above, then click ‘like’ at the bottom of the Indiegogo page and you’ll help add to our momentum. Thanks everyone for your support.  

Helping Young Liberians, One Step at a Time

Samson came from the streets of Liberia. At the age of three he lost his parents to the war and he became crippled when he was five. He stopped going to school in the third grade, got in with the wrong crowd and began doing drugs. His addiction to drugs ruined his life and he couldn’t function in society. He was forced to live on the streets and commit various crimes to feed his unhealthy habit. Joshua Blahyi (aka General Butt Naked) found him and saved him from the streets and Samson has been clean from drugs for six months now because of the JAV (Journey Against Violence) program. He’s attending driving school at the JAV because he wants to become a taxi-driver. He understands and feels that Joshua not only rescued his life but saved his life as well. Samson recently became sick, with a very bad cough, and was submitted to the hospital where he received some care. Please help him and so many others like him. We need your support to help save these former child soldiers. Visit sahbu.org to learn more about how you can help today.

Help us Rescue Child Soldiers By Supporting Their Art

Big news! We are launching a Kickstarter.com project to help former child soldiers in Liberia. Kickstarter campaigns allow people to donate towards a project and receive some pretty amazing rewards for their contribution. We want to sell watercolor paintings created by former child soldiers. Painting brings peace and hope to former child soldiers. and the money raised will allow more boys into the program, which rescues child soldiers from the dangerous streets of Liberia. These kids were taught that someday their paintings would be worth money.  You can make this dream come true for them, and help rescue more former child soldiers. We need your help to be successful. How can you help? Click on the share buttons on this page. Tell your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends about what we are doing. Donate to our Kickstarter. Pledges begin at $5. People that back our project will receive rewards like: hand-carved tribal masks, original paintings, and their name on a commemorative monument on the school. The boys are painting every day, in hopes to sell all hundreds of watercolor paintings. Visit our Kickstarter page to see a few examples of paintings they have completed.