Two Girls Set Out to Help Sahbu

We recently set out to raise $850 by the end of this month (August 2013) so the Borto Orphanage and School would have food and supplies for the upcoming month. We hoped to raise the money but never thought we’d have two 9 year-old girls help us out. Kennedy Weight came up with the idea to create a braided bracelets and necklaces out of colorful rubber bands and then asked Rachel Holmes to help. Together they set out to sell them for this fundraiser in hopes of raising $9 in three days, instead they earned $85.24 in just two hours! We couldn’t have been more happy to hear such a wonderful story. Little do they know, that money will put a child in school for one whole year and could change that person’s life forever. Thanks girls!

  • Sahbu Shopping Spree April 18 at Walmart in Lindon
    Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree! Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

    Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

We are gearing up for our next trip in May and we need your help! This Thursday we’ll be at the Lindon Walmart so bring your buddies and all your family because we’re going to need their help too. How it works: When you arrive at the Lindon Walmart we’ll hand you the flyer with the included shopping list of needed items (see it below), purchase what you can, and then drop the items in the bin provided by Sahbu in the front entry. It’s that simple! All items will be donated to children in need in Liberia, West Africa. We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it and would still like to donate, you may do so by visiting– just click the donate button. Thanks in advance for helping us with this great cause. What: Sahbu Shopping Spree Why: To help kids in need in Liberia, West Africa When: Thursday, April 18, 2013 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Where: Lindon, Walmart 585 North State Street, Lindon

Holiday Fundraiser Success!

On the Saturday before Christmas, we were able to raise enough money to send 12 African kids to school for a year including food and shelter. This has made a huge difference in the lives of these 12 children. As we know, children in Africa who are able to consistently stay in school tend to be safer, healthier, and have a chance at making a living later in life. They also make sure their kids have the same things. So even though 12 lives were greatly impacted, the impact of others through the generations is much greater. The fundraising project was done outside of the Saratoga Springs Wal Mart in only six or seven hours, but there were many people who worked for days leading up to the event. A lot of time and materials were donated so we would have signs and stickers, but also food items, children’s books, tee shirts etc., to sell and raise money. We are so appreciative of the support everyone has given to this cause, including the people who worked on this project, as well as the generous people who were passing by and stopped to support this great cause.