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  • Sahbu Shopping Spree April 18 at Walmart in Lindon
    Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree! Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

    Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

Sahbu is Going on a Shopping Spree!

We are gearing up for our next trip in May and we need your help! This Thursday we’ll be at the Lindon Walmart so bring your buddies and all your family because we’re going to need their help too. How it works: When you arrive at the Lindon Walmart we’ll hand you the flyer with the included shopping list of needed items (see it below), purchase what you can, and then drop the items in the bin provided by Sahbu in the front entry. It’s that simple! All items will be donated to children in need in Liberia, West Africa. We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it and would still like to donate, you may do so by visiting– just click the donate button. Thanks in advance for helping us with this great cause. What: Sahbu Shopping Spree Why: To help kids in need in Liberia, West Africa When: Thursday, April 18, 2013 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Where: Lindon, Walmart 585 North State Street, Lindon


Thomas Weight has been in the U.S. less than a year. He recently won an essay contest for the entire 4th grade at Valley View Elementary in Pleasant Grove, UT. His essay serves as a reminder to be thankful for the simple things we have in our lives.

Family Life – The Fun Never Stops: Bethany on Emotions

The boys came to us with some surprising lack of emotional charge. We Americans are used to our children loudly and forcefully expressing themselves, especially when they have decided not to do something. The week the boys came home to live with us, we had many friends and family members come by to bring us meals as we addressed the many other needs of the boys in their transition. We were amazed that the boys were not very interested in trying new foods. I already understood my own children’s dislikes, but I had a rule that they had to try everything again, if it was served. When I tried to enforce that rule on the third night with the boys, instead of the whining I get from my girls, Thomas’ eyes just began to leak tears. No sound or other protests, just streaming tears from his eyes. I can’t help but wonder how it feels to keep the rest of his emotional expressions bottled up inside.

Family Life – The Fun Never Stops: Thomas’ Creativity

Thomas has come up with several terms for things that we don’t normally think fits with what he is referring to, like the story from last week and this one: One day Thomas was doing his homework and used the word ‘dry’ to describe a small man. Upon hearing Thomas use the word ‘dry’ to describe the man, we were all confused and asked, “He’s dry…not wet?” We could not understand why he could be considered ‘dry,’ so I asked Surprise if ‘dry’ was a term they used in Liberia for something other than it’s true meaning. Surprise confirmed that it was not a term they used in Liberia either, and explained that Thomas was known to come up with his own term or expression for things. Upon further questioning, Thomas explained that the man was small. Now we use the term ‘dry’ all the time to describe something small in jest of Thomas’ creativity.

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