Bong County

A Message From Mitch

Just over two months ago I launched Sahbu. At that time there were very few people who even knew where Liberia was or how they might help. Now, we have hundreds of “likes”, hundreds of thousands of hits, TV, online and newspaper coverage, donations and many, many prayers. We’ve helped school children, former child soldiers, former teen prostitutes and even kids that have been kidnapped or sold into slavery. I’ve been able to speak to hundreds of people about Sahbu and more and more opportunities arise every day. Momentum continues to build as we prepare to launch a kickstarter campaign focused on helping former child soldiers. We’ve also had the opportunity to speak with film producers, artists, musicians and business leaders who want to support the cause and help us spread the word. I’m grateful for all the volunteers and donors! Great things have happened. I’ve always said, “if we save one child it will all be worth it,” but the reality is we’ve already accomplished much more than that…and I feel like this is just the beginning! Thank you! –Mitch Weight

A Visit to Bong County

Mitch: Started the day at 4am…we drove 3 hours out to the jungle (Bong Mines is the name of the area), and met with Chinese Mine officials that are supposed to be renovating a school, but aren’t getting it done (they got mining rights in exchange for fixing a road, a school and a hospital…none of which are done). We negotiated to get a town hall meeting next week and to have Lifting Liberia help direct the project. We went to the Bong Mines High School and met with two girls on scholarship with Lifting Liberia. One of them, Roselane, had been taken advantage of by an older man who promised to pay her school fees in exchange for sex (she never got them paid, but she did get two babies…and no way to feed them). The other girl, Fatu, had been making charcoal in the jungle (cut down a tree, chop it into pieces, wrap it in leaves and grass, dig a hole, start a fire in it and drop the tree parts in it…burn for a few days until it’s charcoal…oh, and sleep next to it on the ground all the time so nobody steals it).