Mitch Weight, an entrepreneur from Pleasant Grove, Utah, founded Sahbu in 2012. Mitch had recently returned from a trip to West Africa to adopt two boys. He returned with a resolve to do something about the problems he witnessed while he was there. Such a great impact can be made over there so inexpensively by American standards.



We at Sahbu are very excited by the difference we have been able to make already. Many people are interested in supporting the movement and are able to help, and the need in that area is so great. Sahbu is a vehicle designed to connect the two. In just a short time, Sahbu has done things like: found young Nate on the street who was beaten and robbed while trying to sell a dog head as food, and paid for him to have school, shelter, and lunch for a year, given a week’s worth of food to a group of 20 boys in a child soldier reformation program and helped Kathryn who lives under a tarp she attached to the ceiling of an abandoned concrete building achieve her ambitions of keeping her children in school. There are already many success stories and so many more opportunities to make stories like these as you and others come on board!

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