As you all know, the Sahbu team recently returned from a 10-day trip to Liberia. Their list of to do’s while over there was enormous. Each day was filled with traveling around to different villages and meeting with people to better understand how to help the children in need. One of the people they met with was a woman by the name of Quita.

Quita is a powerful woman with a huge responsibility.  Founder of Borto Early Childhood Academy and an orphanage, she has quite the story to tell.  Quita lost three babies of her own during the 14 year-long civil war in Liberia, and now she feels God has given her a higher calling in life, which is to take care of the students in her school and the kids in her orphanage.  She believes that she lost her children so that she could have this other opportunity to take care of all the other kids in her school and orphanage.

Many of the donations we receive here at Sahbu go directly to helping Quita in her efforts to educate and house underprivileged Liberian children.  Quita uses our donations to help pay for supplies, teachers’ salaries, and other school-related expenses.

The opportunity Quita has provided for the kids in her school and orphanage has made a huge impact on their lives.  Although Sahbu has been working with Quita for the past several months, we were all touched to hear how she has overcome the trials in her life and dedicated herself to helping local kids in need. Liberia needs more people like her to care for and love the children who have been abandoned and left to have no chance at life.