When we realized what it would take to get Sahbu up and running we didn’t quite know that so many would be willing to come out and help. There have been countless stories of success from you, our faithful followers. Stories that brought us to tears of joy, some of which were so unbelievable we questioned whether or not we could handle it all.

The hours of time that has gone into Sahbu reflects the good of the communities around the world. Many volunteer their time, efforts, money, talents, and skills to help drive our mission and that is to save children in Liberia, West Africa.

On our most recent trip we donated eight duffle bags full of donations that you gave us to give to the people. The donations were received with open arms and open hearts. Many kids have been saved because of your monetary donations and we thank you for that as well. However, you my be able to give- whether large or small, or even change you find in the wash.  Every penny helps. Keep giving because your donations make a big difference.

For more information on how you can help Sahbu save lives in West Africa, visit our site here. If you’re interested in raising money for our cause, learn how to set up your own personal funding campaign page here. With just a couple of clicks you’ll be well on your way to helping many.

Again, we thank you and hope we can continue to make a difference together.